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This page should be taken with a grain of salt. For university-specific resources, please see the class tab for whichever one of my classes you may be enrolled in. The rest of this page consists of just general student resources and academic or career advice that I’ve found works well for me. This page is not endorsed by ASU, GCU, SCC, SMCC, MCC, LLNL, LANL, GSFC, etc. etc. these opinions are my own.


I struggle with procrastination A LOT (I’m currently procrastinating grading labs AND working on my dissertation by doing this instead). The best description I’ve found is from Tim Urban and his blog. Welcome to the dark playground!


The 2018-2019 academic year was a struggle for me. My best friend since childhood passed away in an accident, I had to manage a space-flight hardware calibration campaign, I had to pass my PhD qualifying exams, and I spent the summer managing and implementing an experimental campaign. I burned-out very, very badly halfway through the summer experimental campaign and almost lost all of my data to boot. Burn-out is now considered a diagnosable syndrome by the World Health Organization. The sooner you recognize it and deal with it, the sooner you can get back on track. Happy to say I’ve fully recovered from burn-out!

Misc. Helpful Career and Academic Blogs

How to do Research

Finding research

Coming soon!

  • Best practices
  • What is a primary source?
  • Giving proper credit
  • Keyword searching

Reading research

Coming soon!

  • How to read an academic paper
  • Figures are your friends

Digesting research

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  • Summarizing research papers
  • Bringing summaries together

Creating new research

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  • Outlines? Try storyboards!
  • Revisiting how figures are your friends
  • Writing is hard

Helpful Resources for Research