GeMini+, Psyche GRS (Post-MS)

This work centers on contributing to the development of both the GeMini Plus and the Psyche Gamma-Ray Spectrometer (GRS). I was working with Dr. Morgan Burks at LLNL and a team of scientists and engineers at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory to help develop the two spectrometers.

NASA has awarded $3 million for development of a compact gamma-ray spectrometer by Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL); APL will lead the effort. The miniature instrument, named GeMini Plus, will help reveal the surface elemental composition of planets, comets, and asteroids, information critical to understanding their formation and evolution.

A similar HPGe detector (not the same as GeMini Plus) that includes an anti-coincidence shield has been selected as one of the science instruments for the 16-Psyche Mission. The Psyche Mission has been chosen as the 14th Discovery Mission by NASA. The instrument that will fly on Psyche is based on the successful MESSENGER GRS designed by the same group of scientists and engineers from LLNL and JHUAPL.