Southwestern Recipes – The Book!

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Background: Upon meeting each other for the first time over tacos, Lena and Jon developed a bond that blossomed from shared interests including climbing, camping, and cooking. While the outdoors are always calling, COVID-19 forced the new couple to hibernate indoors and make delicious food together to cope with the shattered world surrounding them, developing their love for each other and the kitchen. Results: Ultimately, due to lack of stable leadership and the resilience of the novel coronavirus in combination with a wormy (read: drugged) Bones, travel plans were eliminated in 2020 and the couple decided a cookbook would be a good Christmas gift for their families. Since Arizona is a prominent southwestern state with a unique flavor palate and relaxed gun laws, this was decidedly the focus of the couple’s first cookbook installment in their pursuit of a faux dissertation in culinary arts. Conclusions: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year (thank god 2020 is ending!), and hope everyone stays safe throughout the holidays! Please enjoy this collection of recipes!

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