I recently defended my dissertation at Arizona State University in Tempe and completed an interdisciplinary PhD in Exploration Systems Design. I will be doing a post-doc at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) in Boulder, Colorado starting July 2022.

My career focus is to be able to combine my passion for science with my engineering and analysis skills through development of remote sensing instrumentation and data analysis software for exploring planetary bodies. I eventually want to give that knowledge back to the STEM community and the next generation through teaching.

I earned my Master’s degree in Nuclear Engineering with an emphasis on instrumentation from the University of New Mexico in May 2015. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Physics from California State University: Chico in May 2013. 

I previously (2015-2017) worked on R&D projects at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories in the Nuclear & Chemical Sciences Division as a Post-Master’s Research Assistant.

I am always up for public outreach and other opportunities, please feel free to contact me.