ASU SES 126/128

Exploration of The Universe (Lecture & Lab)

Introduces the basic principles of modern astronomy, with a focus on ‘Exploration Science,’ or the methods by which we explore our planet, our solar system, other stars, and even other galaxies. How do we explore? What is the ‘scientific method’? How is modern science carried out? Study of such questions helps form a solid foundational core for a major in the science of astrophysics–a major that spans many aspects of the universe as a whole. A key goal is for you to be excited and informed about the incredible era of Earth and space exploration that we’re all a part of!

I was a TA for this class under Dr. Jenny Patience in Spring 2020. About half-way through the class, the COVID-19 pandemic began and we had to rush to get everything put online. I created video labs that went over textbook problems and included other example problems for the students to solve. So began my short-lived video lecture series of “Dr. Bones’ Neighborhood” which includes short cameos of my dog and trips to “Physics Land” to solve problems. I thought it was important to put a light, funny twist on the regular physics lectures in order to give the students a fresh of breath air while the entire world was panicking during a pandemic.

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