Easy doughnuts

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My mom taught me how to make these when I was a kid. It’s a quick and easy way to make doughnuts on the cheap.

What you need:

  • Pillsbury (or whatever generic grocery brand) tube of biscuits (you can do the mini tube – makes 10 doughnuts, or the regular – makes 20 doughnuts, or the Grands – makes 30 doughnuts, buttery or country style is fine, buttermilk is not recommended)
  • Canola or vegetable oil (you can save the remains in a mason jar for use later)
  • A large metal fryer spoon or any large spoon with holes that won’t get damaged in boiling oil
  • A large pot or a deep pan
  • Large bowl with a paper towel in it
  • Metal strainer nested into bowl with paper towel in it
  • Serving plate
  • Powdered sugar (add a little milk or cream to make a drizzle), jam, nutella, or whatever you want to drizzle all over the doughnuts or dip them into (I made a clementine and blueberry sauce, recipe to be added to my list later)


  • Heat the oil in the pan, you want at least 2″ of oil depth
  • Let the oil heat up, put a small piece of dough (a 1/4″ pinch) into the hot oil in order to test the temperature – you want the oil to turn the little dough golden brown, if it turns brown under 20 seconds your oil is probably too hot
  • Rip a single biscuit in half (3rds for Grands), roll the dough into a ball, then stick your finger into the dough to make a hole and stretch the dough out, your doughnuts should be about 1.5-2″ in the outer diameter and ~1″ inner diameter, its ok if the dough looks narrow, it will puff up!
  • Once oil is to temperature (IDK what it is, I just throw in the small piece of dough to test it), put in a a few doughnuts, put them in at least 20 seconds apart of each other so you can flip or remove them with time in between
  • Let the doughnuts cook in the oil, it should take about 1 minute per side of doughnut to brown, flip when you see the center edges of the doughnut turning golden brown
  • When both sides of the doughnut are cooked, remove the doughnut with the holey spoon and place it into the metal strainer, you want the oil to not get the doughnuts soggy, so it should drip through the strainer and collect onto the paper towel in the bowl below
  • If you’re using powdered sugar or sugar & cinnamon then immediately powder the doughnuts while they are hot (the sugars will stick to the doughnut better with the oil hot), if you’re planning to drizzle the doughnuts, wait until they are a little cooler and the oil has had time to dry then drizzle them after putting them on the serving plate
  • Allow doughnuts to cool and then transfer them to a serving plate (you may have to do this a few times as the strainer will get full!), drizzle or dip!
  • Enjoy these delicious morsels!

Tip: Don’t try to make doughnut holes unless you wanna sit there for hours with a low oil heat waiting for the insides to cook, the small doughnut style cooks much faster as the dough is pretty dense!

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